“Tick Tock (Remix)” By Sonic Boom

"Tick Tock (Remix)" By Sonic Boom is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via Carpark Records
"Tick Tock (Remix)" By Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom has released “Tick Tock (Remix).” The track is off his forthcoming release, Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough. The original track was previously released exclusively in Japan, and now fans can hear the song transformed and reimagined, while still reflecting its psychedelic origins.

Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough promises exciting, reworked tracks from Sonic Boom, taking leads from from Kraftwerk, Moroder, Blondie and Eddy Grant. This new album is hypnotic and moody, holding onto the existential framework of his last album, but exposes a fresh, beating realm of possibility.

In his last album, All Things Being Equal, Kember told regenerative stories backwards and forwards as he explored dichotomies zen and fearsome, reverential of his analog toolkit and protective of the plants and trees that support our lives. His work is always complex, both in its instrumentation built using modular synthesizers, and with his attempts to observe the many variables that exist in the universe that are intrinsically connected. Kember takes his existential and musical curiosity even further in Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough, explaining “how we interact now is especially critical.” Written while the world endures many environmental and human crises, the album is both a balm and a reminder to nurture our own relationships, both natural and personal.

Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough includes remixes of six tracks from All Things Being Equal and two tracks previously released exclusively in Japan. The album opens just like the original, with “Just Imagine”in its remixed form. The modular synthesizer at its foundation sounds familiar, but as the song progresses it branches out into various veins of sparkling embellishments and deep humming to truly expand the world that the song attempts to envision. On the album’s title track “Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough,” Kember’s instrumentation mirrors the interactions he wishes to inspire; synthesizers responding and building on one another, a conversation of sorts that the human world currently seems to avoid.

Sonic Boom
Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough
Carpark Records

1. Just Imagine (Remix)
2. On a Summer’s Day (Remix)
3. Tick Tock (Remix)
4. Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper) [Remix]
5. I Can See Light Bend (Remix)
6. Tawkin Tekno (Remix)
7. Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough (Remix)
8. Make It About (The Way That You Live) [Remix]

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