“This Is Your Life” Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen, recently announced her forthcoming release Welcome Home, will be released on April 26th, via Bella Union. With the news, Cohen has shared “This Is Your Life” and its accompanying video.

“It was the beginning of September and NYC was in the midst of a big heat wave,” Cohen says of the track. “It was very early in the morning and my partner was still sleeping, even with the air conditioning buzzing away. I was working on this song in the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake him up. At the time we were searching for our first apartment together, and had seen about 27 apartments in person. All were gross or out of our price range. It was definitely a catalyst for wanting to move out of the city – and it all came rushing at me. I really needed a change. Locked in a boiling hot bathroom, playing my nylon-string guitar, I realized that this is it… my life is crazy, it’s time to make a big move.

With Welcome Home, “I don’t feel I have to cover up anything, or not be able to share,”Cohen says.“There’s less to interpret, I’m more visible. And as to reflecting on the past when things didn’t go well, I’ve left that behind. It was all worth it, to make my way to this point.”

The album was Produced by Cohen’s partner Sam Owens, the producer/writer who performs as Sam Evian, the artist began developing the material that became Welcome Homein 2017. Taking her time with the songs, she wrapped herself in the fulfilling quiet of a new home, and a new creative partnership that supported finding a clarity in her writing and vocals. Many of the songs were written on an old, nylon-string guitar painted with Hawaiian scenes of beaches and palm trees (which can be heard on “This Is Your Life”), that, no matter the final arrangement, gives the songs a lighter touch, a warming glow that suffuses the whole album. Listeners may find echoes of folk and R&B, radiating with vocal-powered pop production, electronic accents, and bursts of pulsing guitar/bass/drums energy. Irresistible echoes of soul enchanters such as Carrie Cleveland (an early touchstone for Cohen and Evian), Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and their friend and sometime collaborator Nick Hakim blend with the reflective shadings of singer/writer forebears such as Carole King and Harry Nilsson.

Hannah Cohen
Welcome Home
track listing
Bella Union

1. This Is Your Life
2. All I Wanted
3. Dissolving
4. Holding On
5. What’s This All About
6. Old Bruiser
7. Get In Line
8. Wasting My Time
9. Return Room
10. Build Me Up


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