“All Things Considered” by Beliefs

Beliefs have shared their new visual for “All Things Considered”, directed by Christopher Mills. The track is off their current release Habitat, now out on Hand Drawn Dracula/Outside Music. Beliefs, play their next show on November 3rd in Toronto.

Jesse Crowe on Beliefs’ current releaseHabitat:

“It really feels like that type of record. When we were finished it, we were definitely, like, ‘I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna like it,’” says Crowe. “Who fucking knows? But we really liked it. It was a lot of work to let go of the idea of things being ‘polished’ or ‘finished’ and just being, like, ‘This feels like how we want it to feel so it must be done.’ Instead of labouring over it and tinkering with it and that kind of thing, we really did just allow it to be finished very, very quickly and sit where it’s at.

“We realized we don’t have to be ‘this’ kind of band. You just always hope that that lands well, right? Not that you’re making music for other people or making music specifically for your fans or for publications or whatever, but you still hope that your record where everything changes is not the record where everyone goes ‘Meh, I wish they were still doing what they were doing before.’ It’s such a gamble but you have to take it or otherwise you’re boring.”

So what comes next?

“Oh, it’s gonna get weird,” promises Crowe.

Outside Music/Hand Drawn Dracula

Retreat (Light the Fire)
Divided Youth (Only Lovers)
Half Empty
All Things Considered
Catholic Guilt
Shadow of the Son

Beliefs EU/CA
tour dates:

Nov 03 – Toronto CA – The Garrison w/ Odonis Odonis
Nov 16 – Lyon FR – Le Marche Gare w/ Algiers
Nov 22 – London UK – the Brewhouse
Nov 23 – Hull UK – The Polar Bear
Nov 25 – Brighton UK – the Haunt w/ METZ
Nov 26 – Oxford UK – The Library