“Thick As Thieves” Mexico City Blondes

Mexico City Blondes have shared "Thick As Thieves"
Mexico City Blondes "Thick As Thieves"

Mexico City Blondes have shared “Thick As Thieves” the latest tracl off from their forthcoming release Blush, available May 3 via Burger Records. Mexico City Blondes are vocalist comprised of keyboard player Allie Thompson and multi-instrumentalist / producer Greg Doscher.

Mexico City Blondes’ Allie Thompson on “Thick As Thieves”:

“Thick As Thieves” is a song about looking at a relationship and being a realist, or becoming cynical. “I was getting ready to marry my husband when Greg and I were working on “Thick As Thieves,” and my then fiance and I were talking about how we can make a lot of promises about loving each other forever, but we don’t know. Nobody knows. “Thieves” It’s about being honest with yourself because you don’t know any for sure and you can’t pander to what the other person wants.”

The writing of “Thick As Thieves” came after a period of working with outside producers and songwriters. “It wasn’t really natural for us,” Greg Doscher said of that time, “everyone had a different opinion on what we should sound like.” Thompson added, “it’s like, in music, you get attention for doing something, and everyone says good, now change, pivot. It goes back to not doing something just because it makes someone else happy. No pandering.”

Mexico City Blondes
Track Listing

1 – Out to Dry
2 – Addio
3 – Road Noise
4 – Thick as Thieves
5 – Yellow Sunshine
6 – Thin Line
7 – Crimson
8 – Off the Hook
9 – Sunny Day
10 – All Night
11 – Reasons Why
12 – Planet Caravan