The Ukiah Drag Share “Drip From The Fang”

The Ukiah Drag Share video "Drip From The Fang," from their album 'In the Reaper's Quarters,

“Drip From The Fang” comes to us from The Drag’s debut LP ‘In The Reaper’s Quarters’ (out now on Wharf Cat) which was recorded in a secularized Lutheran temple off the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York. It offers pulsating organs that strobe their way through flattening riffs and creep beats – tastefully chewing up tired rock and post punk, moving it onto new spiritual drippings, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile – personnel stem from the Tampa scene – recording and sharing bands with members of Merchandise like Cult Ritual and have previously run with the Ascetic House/Destruction Unit pack, with whom they put out their debut tape and toured with respectively. ‘In The Reaper’s Quarters’ comes recommended if you like The Fall, Jody Reynolds, Link Wray, The Stooges, The Damned or anything of the sort.

The Ukiah Drag
In The Reaper’s Quarters
Wharf Cat Records

1 – Intro
2 – Her Royal Grip
3 – The Rat’s Waltz (Redux)
4 – Final Prayer
5 – Drip From The Fang
6 – Wait and See
7 – Night of Immaculacy

The Ukiah Drag Live Dates:
Thursday 12/4 @ Gramps w/ Trash Talk, Iceage, Antwon, Lust For Youth
Friday 12/5 @ Audio Junkie’s 4th Annual Art Basel Distraction

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