“The Question” By Evan Weiss

“The Question” by Los Angeles based musician Evan Weiss, is his third solo single, and the latest off the release of his debut full length Still Ripping. The album drops on October 15, via Weiss’ recently relaunched label, Psychedelic Judaism. The video follows a lovelorn life-size teddy bear through the streets of Los Angeles on a quest to be loved for who he truly is.

Weiss’ music career kicked off as a teenager in the mid 2000s Los Angeles punk scene where he founded the chaotic yet tuneful hardcore band Wires On Fire. The band found early success, providing Evan with his first taste of life on the road, befriending other consummate left-of-center musicians.

The ensuing years saw Evan form the bands Slang Chickens and Junk while being tapped to join SF’s acclaimed indie act GIRLS. This served as somewhat of a professional awakening as he continued to work as a touring and session musician. Weiss currently plays guitar with the legendary art-rock band Sparks and appears on their latest album “A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip” in additional to Edgar Wright’s documentary “The Sparks Brothers” and Leo Carax directed musical “Annette.”

Evan Weiss on “The Question:”

“”The Question” is my futile attempt at a soul ballad, ha ha. It started as a very simple demo I made in the garage with a drum machine and acoustic guitar. I took it to Sam (KS, producer and drummer) and we kept adding to it. More and more guitars, real drums, piano… When he suggested we throw some horns on it, it was like “Of course, DUH.” I think it’s a pretty epic ending to an otherwise intentionally minimal album. It’s the last song on the record, and it represents closure for me in a lot ways.

The video is the brainchild of my friend Eli Pearl. He came in with this hilarious, fully-formed story that complimented the sentiment of the song. We shot it at my place and surrounding streets and the park with our friends CJ Miller, Nick Pillot, and Alexandra Skye.”

After a decade and a half touring in bands and as a side man, Evan felt it was time to start fresh with a voice of his own, encouraged by both his past and his new future.

“I had come home from a world tour album cycle with Sparks. My life looked very different from when the cycle began. I no longer had an active band of my own. I was going through a significant break up, and living alone for the first time. I had lots of time for self reflection, more so than ever before. I began to write music that reflected where I was at, and it felt more open and vulnerable.” says Weiss.

From this period of introspection Evan Weiss crafted an eclectic, raw, and inspired group of songs that forms his debut solo album. The freedom was intoxicating as Evan was able to infuse his own humor and wit into each song. His musical prowess is unparalleled and it shines through as each song takes on a life of its own both musically and stylistically. From the raging punk rock boogie of “DAEF” to the melancholic woe of title track “Still Ripping” to the Stax-meets-Julie Cruise (horn section and all) swoon of closing track “The Question,” the album claims no allegiance to any one genre, yet remains cohesive through Evan’s songwriting, guitar playing, voice, and vision. In the same way that Weiss carved his own journey as a working musician, in writing his own music he followed his talents and intuition and let his personality shine through.

“The Question:”
Video Credits

Starring (In order of appearance)

CJ Miller

Nick Pillot

Evan Weiss

Alexandra Skye

Camera – Juliana Rowlands

Editor – Melissa Weiss

Hair + Makeup – Nichole Servin

Produced by Kayla Foster

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