“The Nonexistent Distance” Bad History month

"The Nonexistent Distance" by Bad History month is Northern transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
Bad History Month

Bad History Month is the solo project of Sean Bean, formerly one half of Boston’s Fat History Month. Following the departure of FHM’s drummer, Sean decided to move forward solo, adapting the name to Bad History Month (also the name of their previous album), as to not confuse anyone. Regardless, Bad History Month continues to expand and experiment; Sean’s songwriting delves deep in personal and mental exploration, using studio layering to create a sound that is lush and contemplative.

Dead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration of Pessimysticism is a benevolent haunted house of a record, sure to spark epiphanies of joyful, compassionate liberation by encouraging us to steal an optimistic glance into the void of Meaninglessness that undergirds our collective existence. Brought on by a drug-free psychedelic awakening experienced by Bean in late 2013 when he belatedly figured out that he’s not immortal, Bad History Month has delivered a timeless record built on jaw dropping beauty, soul expanding emotional weight, and goose-bump inducing compositions. The songs also explore the comedown, the inability to truly integrate deep realizations into one’s life, and the circular nature of attempts at mental and emotional growth.

from Sean Bean:

“I felt powerful with the certainty that the answer to the question [What is the meaning of life?] was “Life is Meaningless”, and it filled me with joy and love and peace and kindness that I’d never felt before. I was free. Inevitably I let something stupid and petty piss me off and I jumped right back in the cage, but I’ve tried to hold onto the clarity of those months and improve my approach to dealing with myself and the world accordingly.”

Bad History Month
Tour Dates:

10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Peanut Gallery w/ Shaina Hoffman, Health & Beauty (solo) & Deadbeat
10/14 – Pittsburgh, PA
11/04 – Rollinsford, NH @ Sue’s w/ Paper Castles & more
11/08 – Boston, MA @ The Middle East w/ Pile, Ovlov, & Longface
11/09 – Portland, ME @ Apahodion Theater
11/10 – CT w/ Longface
11/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Two Inch Astronaut, Water From Your Eyes & Longface
11/12 – NJ w/ Longface
11/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Longface
12/05 – Toronto, ON @ The Burdock
12/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel w/ Pile