The Mountain Goats Share “Get Famous”

The Mountain Goats have shared their latest single "Get Famous." The track is off the Merge band's forthcoming LP Getting Into Knives
The Mountain Goats "Get Famous"

The Mountain Goats will release Getting Into Knives on October 23rd via Merge Records. Fear not, Ahead of the album’s arrival the band has shared album track “Get Famous.”

From John Darnielle:

“If I told you all how much fun we had making this one you wouldn’t even believe me, but we hope it comes through.”

The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle, Matt Douglas, Peter Hughes, and Jon Wurster recorded Getting Into Knives in a single week with local players at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee. Cohabitation radiates throughout Getting Into Knives, with many tracks featuring seven or more musicians playing at once. Following April’s Songs for Pierre Chuvin and 2019’s In League with Dragons, Getting Into Knives is a document of a band at the top of its game.

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“Get Famous” Lyrics

You were born for these flashing lights
You were born for these endless nights
You always knew sooner or later
You were destined for something greater
You took notes on what you had to do
To get the piece of the pie that belonged to you
You’ve been waiting for this ever since you were young
Be careful not to choke on your tongue

Get famous
You should be famous
Go on and get famous
I want you to be famous

Cold, grey world, all these obedient sheep
They act like they know, but they’re all sound asleep
Waiting for something to wake up to
Some nice juicy bone to chew
You arrive on the scene like a message from God
Listen to the people applaud
This is what you were born to do
Wesley Willis taught me how to write about you

Get famous
You should be famous
Go on and get famous
I want you to be famous

Light up the sky like a comet
Make yourself want to vomit
Shine like a cursed star
Show everybody exactly who you are

Get famous
You should be famous
Go on and get famous
I want you to be famous

Getting Into Knives arrives October 23. Pre-order on cassette, CD, and 2-LP wherever records are sold, as well as salmon-colored deluxe vinyl in the Mountain Goats store.