“The Moon Will Never Turn On Me” by Mammút

Icelandic band, Mammút recently shared the video for “The Moon Will Never Turn On Me”, the track is off their album Kinder Versions, out now on Bella Union.

The band on “The Moon Will Never Turn On Me”:

“When you realise that everything must somehow be ok, that the world just continues spinning and we sometimes just have to sit back, let go and embrace every horrible thing that comes with it. ‘The Moon Will Never Turn On Me’ is in its way a reaction to the rest of the album.”

Mammút is Icelandic for ‘mammoth’ – the name that singer Katrína Mogensen “plucked out of the air” when she joined guitarists Alexandra Baldursdóttir and Arnar Pétursson, bassist Ása Dýradóttir and drummer Andri Bjartur Jakobsson for their stage debut, aged just 14. Katrína is the daughter of bassist Birgir Mogensen, a former bandmate of Björk back when they were young post-punk adventurers; a questing spirit that Mammút have also unconsciously adopted, though without ever really discussing what kind of music they play. “We’re so close as a band, we have no limits for each other, no boundaries, we just follow our gut instincts,” says Katrína.

Kinder Versions
track listing:

1. We Tried Love
2. Kinder Versions
3. Bye Bye
4. The Moon Will Never Turn On Me
5. Breathe Into Me
6. Walls
7. What’s Your Secret
8. Pray For Air
9. Sorrow