The March Divide Share “I Got Lost”

Today, sees the debut of "I Got Lost," the latest release of the Distractions series of singles by Jared Putnam of The March Divide.
"I Got Lost" The March Divide

Today, sees the debut of “I Got Lost,” the latest release of the Distractions series of singles by Jared Putnam of The March Divide. Distractions Vol. 3 arrives April 5th and contains three songs, including “I Got Lost”. About “I Got Lost”: This song came out very different than I thought it would. When I play it by myself, it sounds like a stoner folk song about a dude that doesn’t like his job. In its final version, I feel like it came out as a prog folk song where Sunny Day Real Estate meets Pink Floyd.” The band take the new singles on the road, starting April 4th in Ada, OK.

Jared Putnam from The March Divide on The Distraction’s Series

“One of the things that I like most about this series is that I don’t need to live up to any expectations. I can just sort of go where it takes me, unlike an album, where there needs to be a cohesive theme to the songs and production. ‘Distractions Vol. 3’ contains three songs that I liked, but didn’t really know where to take them. I decided to just go full on rock band with them and brought in Jason West on drums and recorded them in the garage because I really wanted that live ‘drums in a garage’ sound. Bass is by Ernie Garcia, probably the best and coolest bass player ever to walk the earth! This single was a cool project for me, because it was a collaboration with friends that I really look up to. I gave almost no direction to any of these guys, they just played what they played, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

04/04/2019: Ada, OK @ Sessions
04/05/2019: Lawrence, KS @ Gaslight Gardens
04/06/2019: Kansas City, MO @ The Bluebird Underground
04/07/2019: Willow Springs, MO @ Milo & Jack’s
04/08/2019: Lexington, KY @ Lynagh’s Irish Pub
04/09/2019: Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar
04/10/2019: Cincinnati, OH @ Stanley’s Pub
04/11/2019: Grand Rapids, MI @ Mulligan’s Pub
04/12/2019: Montpelier, OH @ JJ Wynns
04/14/2019: Detroit, MI @ Cadieux Café
04/15/2019: Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now
04/16/2019: Memphis, TN @ Growlers
04/17/2019: Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar
04/19/2019: San Antonio, TX @ Southtown 101