“The Loon” By Caleb Landry Jones

"The Loon" by Caleb Landry Jones is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"The Loon" by Caleb Landry Jones is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Multi-artist Caleb Landry Jones, recently announced his new album, Gadzooks, Vol. 1 will drop on September 24th on Sacred Bones. A head of the album’s release, Jones has shared album track “The Loon.”

“Just a few months after recording ‘The Mother Stone’, ‘Gadzooks Vol. 1’ was written in Albuquerque, New Mexico while filming the dystopian themed film, Finch, alongside Tom Hanks. “I stole from what was around me, what fell out of the television, what passed below my windows, relationships, old and new. My frustrations, desires, day dreams and fears scattered themselves throughout my writing,” says Caleb. “It is a direct response to the album before it. I felt whatever I wrote next needed to be more consistent. I knew that I wanted to put everything down on tape. I wanted the same players as before but to go further.” He’d idle away his hours on location by focusing on creativity, and when filming stopped, Caleb knew he had to get straight back into the studio.

Caleb would soon link with the same cast who formed The Mother Stone, including producer Nic Jodoin, based out of the elegant Valentine Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Together, they would work 18-hour days, bringing Caleb’s vision into focus. Recording to tape, Caleb would hack away at each take, reassembling the songs like Escher diagrams. “It’s like when you’re swimming in the pool and you’re doing a bit of butterfly, and then that gets old after a while. So then you start doing breaststroke, and then that gets old after a while. I think it’s just a reaction from the place where we were before.”

Caleb Landry Jones
Gadzooks Vol. 1
track list
Sacred Bones

1. Never Wet
2. Yesterday Will Come
3. The Loon
4. Bogie
5. Gloria
6. California
7. For A Short Time
8. A Slice of Dream
9. This Won’t Come Back

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