“The Lives Of Elevators” Orouni

“The Lives Of Elevators”, the new video by Orouni, is inspired by a New Yorker article, tells the story of an employee stuck for 41 hours in an elevator of the Rockefeller Center.

Orouni’s songs make room for vocal and instrumental melodies with complex harmonies and instruments that are rarely used in contemporary pop music (balafon, kalimba, mbira …). Naturally attracted to original musical structures, the winner of the 2011 Inrocks Lab feels great respect for his listeners; he is proof that intelligence and efficiency, quality and accessibility can co-exist. In Orouni’s music, the Kinks dance with Chassol, Belle & Sebastian dance with Dylan and Malian music plays with the Beatles. A luminous, organic and extremely caring music, with a little extra soul that makes all the difference.

The video, directed by Ange Leccia, is one of the French pioneers of video art. His works are featured in many international museums (Guggenheim in NYC, Centre Pompidou in Paris…). He also recently mixed pieces of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” video with footage of the first moon landing.


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