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Stream ” Hey Hitler” and ” Feeling A Lot Of Feelings” Here

Brooklyn’s The Hairs are pleased to announce their latest offering Odd Box Singles Club Part 2 7″ featuring two brand new songs, A Side “Hey Hitler” and “Feeling A Lot of Feelings” on the flip. The tracks continue the style of quirky-yet-earnest songs from the band best known for releases like “Scabies Babies” and “Duh X12.” You can stream both songs right now here and grab the 7″ – available now over at Odd Box Records.

Kevin Alvir, the front man of the impossible to get out of your head indiepop band The Hairs has a lot to say.Alvir’s sprightly tenor skips and trips around classic pop riffs with an off the cuff confidence and a disarming sweetness that’s too uncommon these days. With the quirky, earnest, and slightly squirmy quality of a Daniel Johnston ditty; the fey whipsmart sensibility of the Television Personalities, the “who gives a fuck” lo-fi production of Guided By Voices, and the wide-eyed nuanced outlook of Jonathan Richman, The Hairs make good hearted music, but with an edge – reminding the listener that life isn’t all “holding hands and eating ice cream,” but instead “dropping your ice cream cone and still eating it.”

The Hairs are a Brooklyn band. Live, The Hairs consist of Kevin Alvir on guitar and vocals with Jacob Sloan on bass and vocals backed by a drum machine. Alex Naidus of the Pains of Being Pure At Heart appeared on early recordings. Alvir’s process is simple, usually starting with a title or a concept and building the tune around it. “It’s melodic music that’s up for anything,” Alvir says, in his typical slow, chilled out cadence “I just make this stuff to entertain myself.” Some of the lyrics concern dying houseplants (“Houseplant Songgg”), stressed out balding girls (“Balding College Girls”), gay male bonding (“Vikings, Pirates, & Dudes”), or odd love songs (“Drool” and “Feed Me With Your Email”).

Like the aforementioned Johnston, and similar underground, outsider geniuses Peter Bagge and Robert Crumb, The Hairs’ music reflects society the way only its most astute, and sometimes fringe, members can-
with wit and grotesque honesty. The Hairs have a sweetness to them, too, that puts Kevin Alvir in the unique company of songwriters like Jonathan Richman, Robert Pollard, or Daniel Treacy-he shares a kinship of wordy, emotional-without-cliché songwriting that builds epic melodic narratives out of simple realities. The Hairs put it all out there, without any of the bullshit.

Track List:
A. Hey Hitler
B. Feeling A Lot of Feelings

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