The Band in Heaven debuts Fairweather Friends

The Band in Heaven debuts 'Fairweather Friends', new LP out 9/17

In the thick of a sweat-soaked, sun burnt Floridian summer, West Palm Beach’s The Band in Heaven have finished their debut full-length record, Caught in a Summer Swell, slated for release on Decades Records, a boutique South Florida label. They will also release the album on cassette with Cheap Miami. The album is out next Tuesday, September 17.

Today The Band in Heaven debuts a new single from their upcoming album. ‘Fairweather Friends’ is about that unique bond that exists between the band and the crowd for 30-40 minute window, sharing spit and sweat, and the stockholm syndrome-like effect that lingers with the band after the fans and friends have all gone.

Caught in a Summer Swell
(Decades Records)
Street Date: Sept 17, 2013
Pre-order here.

1. Dandelion Wine

2. Does It Show

3. Summer Swell

4. Fairweather Friends

5. Tunnel Into Your Dreams

6. Music Television

7. Breaths

8. Young and Dumb

9. Disappear Here

10. Farewell Summer


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