Terrace debuts new single “TriBeCa”

Terrace debuts new single "TriBeCa".

Inspiration for “TriBeCa”, include late nights. Sweaty clubs. Dark dance floors. Exertion. Endurance. Memories. Future plans. Grandiose ideas. Daybreak. All the things that make nightlife real. Ethereal and visceral. “TriBeCa” is the latest release from Terrace’s upcoming EP “Foundations” due out June 9th, 2017. An homage to those late night blueprints and the soundtrack that the DJ’s spun.

Emerging out of the rubble of Grunge and a decaying house music scene, Terrace is a born adventurer. Escaping day to day life by choosing to create a dance hybrid, drawing on influences that extend back into an 80’s childhood is what he does. Aside from that, the rest is a blur. Terrace is a melange of what happens in his head and he enlists people to help execute the music in the manner it was intended. This is all about the idea, the man himself isn’t important. What he makes. Fast forward to now, the forthcoming “Foundations” EP, to be released on June 9th, showcases Terrace’s enigmatic signature dance infused indie sound. A series of striking video teasers by acclaimed photographer/director Nitin Vadukul combine with the music to leave you pondering who and what Terrace is and what is to come.