“Television Land” Konradsen

Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren AKA: Konradsen released their debut album Saints and Sebastian Stories, their debut album on October 25th on Cascine (US) and Su Tissue (EU). “Television Land” is the first song that the two ever created, marking the beginning of Konradsen.

“We didn’t have much experience recording music, but we were really tuned into searching and discovering. This track became the foundation for Konradsen’s recordings, lyrically, sonically and thematically,” says Sabel. “‘Dice’ set the mood and direction for the rest of the record. We use a lot of sounds from Eirik’s bedroom. You can hear beer bottles being opened, the sound of cutlery, piano strings, and Eirik’s younger brother taking out of the dishwasher. Piano and voice are really the center of this song, with all the other sounds accompanying and accentuating them. It’s a sweet song, and a sad song. It’s the only love story on the record.”

Saints and Sebastian Stories was recorded with Norwegian producer Kåre Vestrheim at Propeller Recordings at Vildgren’s home studio in Oslo. The album is a tender and homespun thread between past and present elevating our underlying interconnectedness through a journey in friendship and quiet reflection. Outside of the sampled voices, a host of friends also played instruments on the record, or contributed artwork, bringing the message full circle. “We really consider this community music, something that is very close to heart,” Sabel says. “And we wanted to communicate that not only through the lyrics, but also through the sounds and the people in the band.”