Teenage Wrist Release “Sunshine”

Teenage Wrist release new single "Sunshine." The group's stand-alone single is out today via Epitaph Records and DSPS
Teenage Wrist release new single "Sunshine"

Teenage Wrist have shared their new single “Sunshine,” their first new music since their album Earth Is A Black Hole (2021). The track finds them looking towards the light while “letting go of past trauma, being present and finding love inside yourself,” according to front man Marshall Galagher.

“Sunshine” features a backdrop of distorted guitars and melodic riffs that open up for Galagher’s soaring vocals. Exploring the intent behind the song’s uplifting lyrics, he says, “It’s about sharing happiness with someone else, maybe giving in to the impulse to say “fuck it” and letting yourself be free and feel something positive. It’s something new for us; I don’t think there was a single happy song in the Wrist catalog until now and we needed it.”

Teenage Wrist draw inspiration from The Cure and The Smashing Pumpkins, combining elements of shoegaze and alternative rock. After forming in 2015 as a side project, they released their debut EP Dazed that Spring, leading to a deal with Epitaph Records in 2017. Their full-length debut, Chrome Neon Jesus, followed in March of 2018, produced by Carlos de la Garza (Cherry Glazerr, The Linda Lindas, HUNNY). After a lineup change that propelled Gallagher into the role of front man for 2021’s Earth Is a Black Hole, produced by Colin Brittain (Basement, A Day to Remember), a new era of Teenage Wrist was born.


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