Tashaki Miyaki give away ‘Under Cover Vol ll’

Tashaki Miyaki give away new LP 'Under Cover Vol ll,' featuring covers of Prince and The Buzzcocks.

Tashaki Miyaki have shared their latest LP, Under Cover Vol. II, a collection of nine cover tracks ranging from Prince to Berlin to The Buzzcocks. Available for a full free download today. The band tracked the songs in their hometown of Los Angeles this year with help from producer/engineer Joel Jerome and Dan Horne who complimented the breezy sounds, ideas, and approaches by recording covers of songs they like. “While we were recording our upcoming debut full-length we had some time in the studio to recorded these tracks for fun along the way,” explains Lucy Tashaki. “We thought this would be a great opportunity to give to our fans for free while we put the finishing touches on our record which will be out later this year.”

Tashaki Miyaki was born out of a late night jam between Lucy and Rocky in early 2011. Shortly after they started making recordings as a duo with friend and producer/engineer Joel Jerome (Dios, Babies on Acid). Realizing they needed to fill out their live sound, they asked friend and bassist Dora Hiller to join. Since then they have recorded a self titled EP, a single (Best Friend, Luvluvluv Records), a 7″ of Everly Brothers Covers (Rough Trade’s For Us Records), a tape of all their early recordings on Burger Records, as well as toured North America and the UK.

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