“Tapping on the Glass” by Storefront Church

"Tapping on the Glass" by Storefront Church is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Tapping on the Glass" by Storefront Church is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Ahead of the release of his anticipated new album Ink & Oil, Storefront Church, the alias of Lukas Frank, shares the final taste of the album before its release on June 28th with “Tapping On The Glass.” Storefront Church will celebrate the album’s release with a hometown show in Los Angeles at The Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on June 28th with support from Maria BC.

The 12-tracks of Ink & Oil were produced, written, and performed by Lukas, recorded with a full live orchestra, and co-arranged by Travis Warner (David Campbell) and Lukas to capture the cinematic breadth of the album. The project was conceived quite insidiously after years of Lukas deciphering the familial lore of his great uncle Roger. After receiving a five year prison sentence for a desertion charge of the Army in 1993, Roger Frank mysteriously vanished from his cell, leaving nothing but an orange behind. Roger’s body was never found. When he was just 5 years old, Lukas began receiving visitations from his elusive uncle through vivid, recurring nightmares. Roger would come to Lukas in his room and try to speak with him, but Roger’s mouth wasn’t working; like it was glued shut. In his hands was a large orange, the skin peeled back, and written in the rind were words in black ink.

The subsequent years of his life spent between LA, with family on the East Coast and a solitary sabbatical in Connecticut, have been inexplicably haunted by sensory “manifestations” seemingly tied to his uncle’s presence. Images of a black rope hanging in the sky, a flock of black birds swarming inside the supermarket, and phone calls from unknown numbers asking him unnervingly prescient questions have all struck Lukas at various points. Stuck in limbo between walking nightmares and existential visions, Lukas’ perspective shifted with his return to Los Angeles while working on this body of work. Instead of feeling like the visions and dreams were intruders in the night, they became visitors – not always welcome or understood – but accepted as integral pieces of the narrative of Ink & Oil.

Lukas Frank was born in Los Angeles, found work as a session musician starting at age 18 and spent time as a session drummer for numerous bands before creating Storefront Church. The first self titled EP was self-issued in late 2017 and was recorded with several friends including Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers), Bram Inscore (Twin Shadow), Waylon Rector (Dominic FIke, Charli XCX, The Drums, Alaska Reid) and engineer Cassidy Turbin (BECK, Tashaki Miyaki).

Storefront Church
Ink & Oil

1. The High Room
2. Faith In Oil
3. Melting Mirror
4. King of the Lobby
5. Burn The Roses
6. Words in the Rind
7. Coal
8. Manhattan Project
9. Orange Grove
10. Divine Distraction
11. Shadowboxing
12. Tapping on the Glass

Storefront 2024 Tour Dates

6/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Pre-order Ink & Oil by Storefront Church HERE


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