“Tall Boy” Tanglers

“Tallboy” is the latest single from Vancouver band TANGLERS. The track is off the band’s new full-length Tangled In Time which came out on May 4th, 2019. The band recently shared a new video for the single.

TANGLERS’ vocalist/guitarist Ross Macnab on “Tallboy”:

“The foundational concept of the ‘Tallboy’ music video is a person who feels out of place and isolated from society. The character is struggling to get through a normal day, feeling like nothing is meant for them. Thinking long and hard about their place in the world and where they are going to end up, It also touches on the importance of human connection and the lack thereof at some points in life.”

Formed in Vancouver during the summer of 2016, a group of friends came together to create the holy mess that is TANGLERS. The band is like a wonderfully dysfunctional family, and music is the glue that keeps them close. TANGLERS’ music is instantaneously addictive, wildly fun and sogging with skill. They seamlessly fuse the best parts of soft psych, indie-folk and surf, creating music that is larger than life, inviting listeners to a world that is much more fun. With live performances that are notoriously energetic, mesmerizing and goosebump-inducing, they simultaneously don’t take themselves too seriously while taking the music quite seriously. This crazy dichotomy pretty much sums up the band perfectly. TANGLERS’ 3rd release and debut full-length album Tangled in Time, is available via most DSP services.


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