Taggart & Rosewood Share Video Session

Taggart & Rosewood Share Video Session from 89.3 The Current

Taggart & Rosewood is Zach Coulter (Solid Gold) and Ryan Olson (Polica), founding members of Gayngs. After years in the studio and the addition of Jim Eno (Spoon) on drums, the new collaboration culminated in their debut album The Killingest.

Made with precision and depth, The Killingest was crafted unlike any other album. With the help of an Emotiv EEG to USB brain computer interface conducted by Mark Mallman through the Logic MIDI Bridge, the synapses of their DMT-influenced brains were translated to audio and dispersed throughout the album.

The album was written at 55 beats per minute, and variations thereof. An intentional pace, the tempo is a necessary choice to match the confused psychotropic universe the album invents.

The Killingest is due out this winter on Totally Gross National Product.


01. Came and You Saw
02. The Eastern Five (Shot on Site)
03. Samantha Corrie
04. Talk Too Much
05. Believe
06. The Kink
07. Hell To Pay
08. Salt in the Wound
09. The Tellesides
10. Bagpipes
11. You and I

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