Slim Twig

“Sparkles” by Fake Palms

Fake Palms are a Toronto-based band signed to Buzz Records. First conceived as a collection of bedroom demos recorded with a broken drum machine…

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Northern Transmissions' interview with Slim Twig, he discusses His latest album 'A Hound At The Hem'

Our interview With Slim Twig

Slim Twig is the pseudonym of musician, actor, and all around artistic visionary Max Turnbull. A Hound at the Hem, his latest release, is laden with…

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Watch Slim Twig's "Maintain The Charade" Video; Slim Twig's new full length 'A Hound At The Hem'

Slim Twig shares “Maintain The Charade” Video

Watch Slim Twig’s “Maintain The Charade” Video; Slim Twig’s new full length ‘A Hound At The Hem’ is Out Today On DFA Records. The video was directed, shot and edited by the ludicrously talented Meg Remy. I think it represents a new plateau in her capacity as a music video maker. Shot on Super 8 film on location in the neighbourhood and at the beach. The ghost statue is wonderfully played:

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Slim Twig To Release A Hound At The Hem October 28th Via DFA Records,

Slim Twig To Release New Album On DFA Records

Slim Twig is the name of a man, not of a band – though he has performed in many a group, some under his own moniker. Boasting a catalogue several under-the-radar releases deep, the Toronto native lays claim to a tremendously original work with his orchestrally-inflected, art rock album, A Hound At The Hem. Originally:

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