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"Passing Scene" by the Berries is Northern Transmissions' 'Video of the Day'

“Passing Scene” The Berries

The Berries have released a video for their new single “Passing Scene.” The track is lifted from their forthcoming release Berryland, due out on…

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Adam Fink interviews Young Guv for Northern Transmissions

Young Guv Stays In The Groove

Sometimes you find inspiration in the last place you thought it would be possible. Take for example Ben Cook, prolific musician and songwriter that…

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'GUV 1' by Young Guv, album review

‘GUV 1’ Young Guv

POP is such a divisive term these days. To many, it’s signals throwaway fluff you would hear on the radio to others it’s a…

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"Fruit" by The Berries is Northern Transmissions' 'Video of the Day'

“Fruit” by The Berries

The Berries will release their new album Berryland on September 26th, via Run For Cover Records. The announcement comes with a new video for…

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"Mono No Aware" by Fury, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'

“Mono No Aware” Fury

FURY’s debut Entertainment Failure was recorded by Colin Knight and their own guitarist Madison Woodward at Paradise Records, in Anaheim, CA. This time, the…

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Pity Sex stream of new LP 'White Hot Moon'

Pity Sex stream new album

Today, Ann Arbor quartet Pity Sex premiered a full album stream of their second album ‘White Hot Moon’ on Bandcamp, where it can be…

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