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Our interview with Randy Randall of No Age

No Age Feel It Out

On January 26th, noisy L.A. punk duo No Age make their Drag City debut with their fourth studio album Snares Like a Haircut. On…

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Dunes announce new album 'Bitter Charm', the full-length comes out on February 13th via Negative Space/Post Present Medium

Dunes announce new album ‘Bitter Charm’

Dunes, the Los Angeles post-punk band,  have announced their new full-length Bitter Charm out March 12th. “On the album the four piece take their whimsical pop to new extremes, working late…

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“Legends of my Own” by Gun Outfit

One weekend in 1947, teenaged filmmaker, music video forefather, fledgling occultist, and eventual Mick Jagger collaborator Kenneth Anger shoots a short film of homoerotic…

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Gun Outfit 'Dream All Over'

“Dream All Over” by Gun Outfit

Dream All Over, the fourth full-length album by cinematically-minded Los Angeles band Gun Outfit—and their first with Paradise of Bachelors—maps a dangerous California that…

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No Age interview with Northern Transmissiosns. Dean Spunt talks to Northern Transmissions about No Age's upcoming album "An Object", which comes out August 20th on Sub Pop Records.

No Age Interview With Northern Transmissions

We have evolved as people, so I definitely think it has effected our music as well. The album was made at a different part of our lives. I mean, An Object really feels different and exciting to us, kind of fresh as well.

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