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“Fire & Fury” by Overcoats is Northern Transmissions 'Video of the Day'

“Fire & Fury” Overcoats

Overcoats, have announced the March 6th release date, for their new album  The Fight which will arrive via Loma Vista Recordings. The Fight was…

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HEALTH have collaborated with Xiu Xiu on "Delicious Ape."

HEALTH Collaborate With Xiu Xiu

HEALTH have collaborated with Xiu Xiu on “Delicious Ape.” HEALTH says of their sixth collaborative track out now via Loma Vista Recordings: “The noise/DIY…

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"Lucy" by Soccer Mommy is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

“Lucy” Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy recently shared her first new song “Lucy,” the track is her first since since 2018. “lucy” will be available on 7-inch vinyl,…

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Iggy Pop releases his eighteenth studio on September 6, read Leslie Chu's review

‘Free’ Iggy Pop

“I want to be free,” go the first words of Iggy Pop’s bleak new album, Free. For nearly two minutes, guitarist and composer Sarah…

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