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“Can’t Blame A Kid” MAITA

The story goes like this: Portland band MAITA sent their recently completed record, Best Wishes, to Kill Rock Stars (Elliott Smith, The Raincoats, Gossip)…

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“Glass of Water” by Lithics

Lithics is a total collaborative vision: Aubrey Hornor’s stark stilted vocals intoning over her and Mason Crumley’s wired guitar parts, like lightbulb flashes and…

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'Mating Surfaces' by Lithics album review by Northern Transmissions

‘Mating Surfaces’ by Lithics

Portland post-punks Lithics’ second full-length album and Kill Rock Stars debut Mating Surfaces is firmly indebted to groups from late 1970s New York and…

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Summer Cannibals debut new track "Simple Life',

Summer Cannibals debut new track

Summer Cannibals’ forthcoming release Full Of It, is coming out May 27th via the legendary independent label Kill Rock Stars. Led by guitarist/vocalist Jessica…

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