'Je Suis Une Ile' by Halo Maud review by Northern Transmissions

Halo Maud ‘Je Suis Une Ile’

With certain albums, there’s a magic from the first time you hear them that you’ll never forget. On Halo Maud’s  (Maud Nadal) debut, the years…

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Northern Transmissions' review of 'Le Kov' by Gwenno

Gwenno ‘Le Kov’

It’s hard to imagine listening to Gwenno’s lavish production, that the Cornish she’s speaking was once considered a dead language. As she breathes new…

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Mark Lanegan returns with a lot of new ideas, however shocking they may be on his latest record Gargoyle. Mark Lanegan' s 'Gargoyle', comes out April 28th.

‘Gargoyle’ by Mark Lanegan

Coming in for his tenth album cult-favourite of the blues rock scene Mark Lanegan goes deep, mixing electronics, darkness and roaring guitars on an…

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