"Trauma" by Eyedress is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

“Trauma” Eyedress

This week, Eyedress released his new single “Trauma.” The integral beat behind “Trauma” is paired with some very smooth chords & Eyedress singing a…

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“Where My Girl At?” by Eyedress

Philippines based and California born, artist/producer Idris Vicuña (lead guitarist of lo-fi, garage pop outfit, Bee Eyes) aka EYEDRESS returns with his first batch…

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EYEDRESS releases new track "When I'm Gone (feat. GEoRGIA). Eydress will go on tour with JUNGLE,

EYEDRESS releases new track “When I’m Gone”

Today, Eyedress releases a brand new track “When I’m Gone (feat. GEoRGIA)”. This release follows the critically acclaimed mixtape Hearing Colours and his debut EP Supernatural (released last year on Abeano) The track sees the Filipino producer lends his self proclaimed ‘spacey-assed beats’ to the airy vocals of hotly tipped singer and producer:

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