Protomartyr Consolation EP Review For Northern Transmissions

Protomartyr ‘Consolation EP’

With their most thematic album of their career on Relatives In Descent, Protomartyr had completely changed their game. For their new record however, the…

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Protomartyr Interview For Northern Transmissions

Protomartyr Go Off-The-Wall

Whatever album they’ve put out, Protomartyr have continued evolving as one of the most brutal punk-rockers around. The band’s mysterious lyrics and deceptive balance…

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Flasher Interview with Northern Transmissions

Flasher Find Consistency

As their band has evolved Flasher have found the stories that matter and the right people to get their messages across. From leaving other…

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Alexis Taylor Interview with Northern Transmissions

Alexis Taylor Crafts Beauty

Outside of Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor has consistently shifted gears on his solo projects to push the envelope in modern music. Enlisting the likes…

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Northern Transmissions review of 'Lost Friends' by Middle Kids

Middle Kids ‘Lost Friends’

With so many indie-rock bands making music these days, making something emotionally honest can often just be as distinct as a unique sound. For…

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