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"Summer's Song" by Villagers is Northern Transmissions' 'Video of the Day.'

“Summer’s Song” Villagers

Villagers’ “Summer’s Song” was written and produced by Conor O’Brien and mixed by the legendary Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, Flaming Lips, MGMT). In Conor’s…

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Interpol Interview For Northern Transmissions

The Creative Capitalism of Interpol

Since their New York beginnings over a decade ago, Interpol have constantly pushed themselves in new directions. With Interpol’s unusual press-conference to announce Marauder it’s…

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'Vide Noir' by Lord Huron album review by Northern Transmissions

Lord Huron ‘Vide Noir’

As folk evolves into new sonic frontiers it’s important to keep yourself distinct. On Lord Huron’s third album they evolve yet again while trying…

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Spoon release new video for "Do I Have To Talk You Into It"...

Spoon debut new spooky video

Set in the world of a YouTube Photoshop tutorial, Spoon have released what may be one of the most simple-yet-odd music videos of all time…

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“Receiver” by Superet

LA band, Superet recently shared the video for their new single “Receiver”. “The idea was to pair a visual component with the song that…

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