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'Plurality Trip' by Joyfulltalk, album review by Andy Resto. The full-length comes out on August 24th via Constellation Records

‘Plurality Trip’ Joyfultalk

Joyfultalk is a duo from Nova Scotia and on August 24 they release their sophomore album Plurality Trip through Constellation Records. Analog sound architect…

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Review of the Ought October 29th show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto,

Review: Ought live in Toronto

Ought /  New Fries / Dorothea Paas Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, October 29th Dorothea Paas comes onstage seems uncomfortable onstage, but it shouldn’t be for…

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Ought 'Sun Coming Down' album review. The Montreal band's new LP comes out on September 18 on Constellation Records.

‘Sun Coming Down’ by Ought

Montreal quartet Ought have gone through some changes since hitting the ground running with their much-acclaimed 2014 debut, More Than Any Other Day. Most…

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