Chastity ‘Tour’

Chastity is releasing a four track EP, Death Lust Cuts, the album contains unreleased songs, including "Trepidation" due out April 17th via Captured Track

“Trepidation” Chastity

After the release of his 2018 album, Death Lust, about police brutality and growing up on society’s periphery. As a bonus treat for fans,…

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Chastity, recently dropped a new video for a new version of "Innocence",

“Innocence” Chastity

Chastity, recently dropped a new video for a new version of their song “Innocence”, off their LP Death Lust that came out last year…

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Chastity Death Lust Review For Northern Transmissions

Chastity ‘Death Lust’

When Brandon Williams dropped his EP to give listeners a full taste of what he had to offer as Chastity, it was impressive and…

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Our interview with Chastity: Chastity's Brandon Williams discusses small towns

Chastity Harnesses Emotions

Anger doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. For Whitby rocker Brandon Williams (aka Chastity), he’s been harnessing his negative emotions into some…

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'Chains' by Chastity: Our review finds Chastity's 'Chains EP' a short but savoury release

Chastity ‘Chains EP’

Listening to the latest EP by Whitby, Ontario’s Chastity, you feel and inspiring level of energy as they turn anger into something constructive. Throughout…

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Chastity signs to Captured Tracks

Chastity (Brandon Williams) hails from Whitby, Ontario, a suburb residing outside of the city of Toronto. Chastity has announced their new signing to Brooklyn…

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