Cate Le Bon

'Hippo Lite' by Drinks, album review by Northern Transmissions

‘Hippo Lite’ by Drinks

Avant-garde, experimental music of any genre can often be tricky to nail: not only does it have to properly execute its idiosyncratic vision, but…

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"Long Bow" by Tim Presley is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

“Long Bow” by Tim Presley

September 16th sees the release of Tim Presley’s (Drinks, White Fence, Darker my love) forthcoming full-length The WiNK. He recently dropped the single off…

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Interview with Cate Le Bon, by Stewart Wiseman. Cate Le Bon's new full-length 'Crab Day' drops everywhere tomorrow

Interview with Cate Le Bon

Ever since the opening strums of 2007’s “No One Can Drag Me Down”, Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon has built a steady group of…

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