“Television Land” Konradsen

Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren AKA: Konradsen released their debut album Saints and Sebastian Stories, their debut album on October 25th on…

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Yumi Zouma Ep III Review For Northern Transmissions

Yumi Zouma ‘EP III’

Over their past couple albums, Yumi Zouma have proven that they’re cohesive as a band and able to pull you right into a sound….

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'Lavender' by Half Waif review by Northern Transmissions

Half Waif ‘Lavender’

The voice is a powerful tool and one that can often out-perform any instrument. For Half Waif’s latest release, there’s a sense of confidence…

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"Torches" by Half Waif" is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

“Torches” by Half Waif”

Half Waif began in 2012 as a vehicle for the thoughts, stories and songs of Nandi Rose Plunkett. Since then, alongside bandmates Adan Carlo…

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