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Cross Record by Cross Record, album review by Adam Williams for Northern Transmissions

‘Cross Record’ Cross Record

Emily Cross, aka Cross Record, had an eventful three years between making her third self-titled LP and the release of sophomore album ‘Wabi Sabi’….

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Katie Von Schleicher

Katie Von Schleicher finds her groove

After going from intern to full-blown musician, Katie Von Schleicher has continusouly blown listeners away. After her powerhouse records like Bleaksploitation and Shitty Hits, she’s coming back with…

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Julie Byrne Finds Music Natural. We caught hope with the singer/songwriter,

Julie Byrne Finds Music Natural

Julie Byrne’s music goes much deeper than your average acoustic singer-songwriter. Her lush ballads are filled to the brim with sonic treats from bare…

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“Lemon” by Cross Record

Cross Record (a.k.a. Emily Cross) has announced a U.S. tour in support of their sophomore album, Wabi-Sabi, out now on Ba Da Bing Records….

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