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Adam Williams reviews starlight EP, the album by nêhiyawak

‘starlight EP’ nêhiyawak

nêhiyawak are three indigenous Canadian artists that hail from amiskwaciy in Treat 6 Territory and their aim is to blur the lines between traditional…

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Fucked Up Interview For Northern Transmissions

Fucked Up Evolve By Accident

Damian Abraham’s budding entertainment career presented a unique challenge to Fucked Up. Recording with a wider range of vocalists meant more stylistic freedom for…

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Dan Mangan More Or Less Review For Northern Transmissions

Dan Mangan ‘More Or Less’

With such a healthy reputation and fan-base, Dan Mangan’s new record is all about subverting what people have come to expect from him. Searching…

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La Force La Force Review For Northern Transmissions

La Force ‘La Force’ 

Ariel Engle has spent enough time in collaborative efforts that it’s about time she spreads her own creative wings as La Force. On this…

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"Lucky One" by La Force is Northern Transmissions' 'Video of the Day'

“Lucky One” by La Force

La Force, is the solo project of Broken Social Scene’s Ariel Engle. Today she has shared the video for the song “Lucky One”. Engle…

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