Swedish band MANKIND debut new single “Ghost”

Swedish band MANKIND debut new single "Ghost"

After the release of their first single, Swedish band MANKIND are back with the new track “Ghost” off their forthcoming release Death. The track will be available, this Friday via most digital platforms.

With previous track “Blood, Sugar” produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Three Trapped Tigers) and propelling into aurally calculated chaos within a matter of seconds, new single “Ghost” almost seems reticent… key word: almost. The song kicks off with a surprisingly regiment Spector-esque bass beat and nonchalant vocals, (seemingly) following a linear climb. And just as we settle with this steady structure MANKIND do what they do best and, with the retro vibe of The Doors and the rawness of The Jacques, they smack down a true frenzied climax on our unsuspecting ears.