“Superfly Groove” S’express (Ladytron Remix)

"Superfly Groove" S'express (Ladytron Remix) is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

On 27th May the legacy and influence of Mark Moore and S’Express is celebrated with Enjoy This Trip – a collection of remixes and cover versions by artists Mark has been an influence on and friend to, including Chris & Cosey, Tom Furse from The Horrors, Horse Meat Disco and Ray Mang. The album art is a homage the punk-era work of artist Linder Sterling and is designed by another friend – Trevor Jackson.

A bundle of bonus remixes and extended versions is also available digitally including Primal Scream’s cover of ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’, taken from their Record Store Day single.

Having been around since the vibrant pre-house days of early 80s London, regularly attending cultural hotbed The Blitz, Mark first started DJing at Philip Salon’s legendary Mud Club when the resident DJ Tasty Tim asked him to fill in one night. Due to his extensive record collection of disco, new wave and italo Mark was a huge hit with the crowd and was immediately offered a residency, which he held for over five years.

Mark also held a residency at Heaven’s lauded Asylum night (which later became Pyramid). He was one of the first supporters of Chicago house and Detroit techno in Britain, (mixing it with electronic European dance music like Yello, Soft Cell and Cabaret Voltaire), alongside Colin Favor and Evil Eddie Richards. Being the first night in the UK to play house music, the venue attracted Danny Rampling, Mr C, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, The Pet Shop Boys, and even Liza Minelli. This led to Rampling offering Mark guest spots at the seminal Shoom nights, and also a guest set at The Hacienda’s Zumbar party.

Having played a key part in the UK’s house music rise, Mark took things up yet another level. His idea to form S’Express with co-producer Pascal Gabriel was a natural progression from life as a regular on the club scene. Swept along on a huge wave of excitement for acid and rave culture, S’Express had a number one chart smash with ‘The Theme from S-Express’. This was their first of several worldwide hit records which helped thrust these new sounds into the world’s spotlight and positioned dance music/DJ culture as a viable force. Mark’s meteoric rise to fame – due in part to his flamboyance and fabulousness – paved the way for electronic dance music stars to come.

Mark has remixed Prince, Erasure, Malcolm McLaren, Randy Crawford, Divine & Bobby O, Dead or Alive, The B52s and Soft Cell. A (surprising) additional remix/collaboration was with Philip Glass, who Mark befriended following their work together on a version of ‘Hey Music Lover’.

In recent years Mark has been at the helm of infamous nights that carry the torch for artistic and glamorous extravagance like ‘Electrogogo’ and ‘Can Can’, which have featured DJ sets from Bobby Gillespie and Marc Almond. His newest endeavour is the ‘Private Life ‘ nights at the Victoria in Dalston), where the music policy harks back to legendary New York clubs like The Roxy and Danceteria circa ‘79 – ‘84.

Mark has also ran several labels: Splish, Stylofiction and Bone in the 90?s – followed by Umami in the noughties and his new imprint Needle Boss, whilst his recent productions include ‘Dreams Of Deja Vu’ with Roland Faber and S’Express’s ‘Excursions EP’, which featured remixes by Vanilla Ace, The Supermen Lovers, I-Robots, Punks Jump Up.

‘Enjoy This Trip’ tracklisting:

1. S’Express ‘Theme From S’Express’ (Tom Furse Update)

2. S’Express ‘Pimps Pushers Prostitutes’ (Horsemeat Disco Remix) feat. Billie Ray Martin

3. S’Express ‘Hey Music Lover’ (Punks Jump Up Excursion Album Version)

4. S’Express ‘Mantra Mania’ (Monarchy Remix)

5. S’Express ‘Superfly Guy’ (Jagz Kooner Tainted Paradise Update)

6. S’Express ‘Lollypop’ (Chris & Cosey Remix)

7. S’Express ‘Gonna Take You Higher’ (Mr Watt Update)

8. S’Express ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’ (Ray Mang Remix)

9. S’Express ‘Did You Lose It’ (Mark Moore & Roland Faber Update) feat. Sonique

10. S’Express ‘Pimps Opus’ (Kent Odessa Remodel)

11. S’Express ‘Special And Golden’ (Kamp! Remix)

12. S’Express ‘Superfly Groove’ (Reuben Wu Ladytron Remix)

13. S’Express ‘COMA’ (Cult With No Name Remodel)

14. Fragile Souls ‘Nothing To Lose

15. Noam Kantatik ’Twinkle