Superchunk reveal ‘Come Pick Me Up’ reissue

Superchunk have announced they will reissue their 1999 album 'Come Pick Me Up' on all formats, on Merge records July 10.

Superchunk have announced they will reissue their 1999 album Come Pick Me Up on CD, LP, and digital download, via Merge records on July 10th. The LP has been remastered from the original tapes and includes new liner notes from Chicago Reader’s Peter Margasak and Superchunk bass player Laura Ballance.

Back in 1999, Superchunk headed to Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago to record Come Pick Me Up. Producer Jim O’Rourke allowed the band to advance their sound with more experimentation, including horn and string accompaniments. Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, and Bob Weston provided the horn section (saxophone, trombone, and trumpet, respectively) while Fred Lonberg-Holm and Suzanne Roberts contributed on cello and violin.

“It was exciting to work downstairs in the big room at Electrical. For part of our visit we also slept there, in the dark except for lights on all the gear blinking. It snowed a ton the day we got there, and I didn’t go outside for the first five or six days we were there,” recalls Mac McCaughan about recording at O’Rourke’s studio.

Laura Ballance provided the artwork for the album. “I was really into hooked rugs at the time and had acquired a few for my new house while scrounging around in antique malls and thrift stores, and I wound up taking photos of them for the package. They also inspired the floral pattern that runs up the edge of the painting,” says Ballance. “Another great friend, Claire Ashby, who had taken numerous band photos for us, took individual shots of all of us for the package. I asked everyone to pose doing something they really liked and in a place that made them comfortable. I really like seeing those portraits today and thinking about the choices that each of us made.”

Track list:
1. So Convinced
2. Hello Hawk
3. Cursed Mirror
4. 1000 Pounds
5. Good Dreams
6. Low Branches
7. Pink Clouds
8. Smarter Hearts
9. Honey Bee
10. June Showers
11. Pulled Muscle
12. Tiny Bombs
13. You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)

Bonus tracks*:
1. Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
2. Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
3. Low Branches (Acoustic)
4. Honey Bee (Demo)
5. Good Dreams (Demo)
6. Cursed Mirror (Demo)
7. Smarter Hearts (Demo)
8. White Noise (Demo)

* included as a download with CD and LP formats only

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