Sunrise (Rumble) by Medicine Singers

Following a spontaneous 2017 performance by Eastern Algonquin powwow group Eastern Medicine Singers and Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat. The group, now Rounded out by contributions from Ryan Olson of Gayngs, jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch, Thor Harris and Christopher Pravdica of Swans, no wave icon Ikue Mori, and ambient music pioneer Laraaji. Sunrise (Rumble) is off Medicine Singers’ forthcoming self-titled release, available July 1, 2022 via Mothland/Joyful Noise Recordings/Stone Tapes.

Medicine Singers involves a wide mixture of sounds, from psychedelic punk to spiritual jazz and electronic music. Through the Eastern Medicine Singers’ connection to their ancestral music, they created a daring and ambitious record that celebrates tradition, while boldly breaking away from its restrictions, or in the words of Medicine Singers’ leader Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson: “These two cultures can work together, and blend together. We created something that needs to be out there in the world, to show people how we can work together and make something beautiful.”

Medicine Singers
Medicine Singers
Mothland Records/Joyful Noise Recordings/Stone Tapes

1. A Cry
2. Daybreak
3. Hawk Song
4. Sanctuary
5. My Brother
6. Shootingstar Press
7. Sunrise (Rumble)
8. Shapeshifter
9. Sunset
10. Reprise of a Cry

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