A Sunny Day In Glasgow reveal double EP

A Sunny Day In Glasgow Return With New Double EP 'Planning Weed Like It's Acid Life Is Loss: Pop Songs' Share Track "Jet Black"

Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life Is Loss: Pop Songs 2015 is the new double EP from A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Here’s a story about it:

Two and a half years is a long time to spend making a record and waiting for it to be released. Sea When Absent not only took up a lot of time but a lot of emotional energy, and that can really knock you out!

When we got back from tour in August 2014, we thought it would be a good exercise to write a bunch of songs, record them right away, and get them out there. Kind of like doing push-ups or meditating or getting drunk after work. Something to reset yourself-engaging in process over pursuing content.

But then our friends at Geographic North invited us to make a Christmas album, which was great because we love those guys and it was a fun project. Once that was finished, almost immediately life intervened in lots of really stressful and annoying ways that you can’t get into in one-sheets but helped inspire one of the EP titles here.

So the push-ups had to wait until May 2015 when we all got together in Josh’s basement to work out a bunch of songs. And it was great. Nothing but good times-hanging out drinking coffee until it was time to start drinking beer until it was time to start taking drugs. Haha sike, we’re not big drug takers, but that was definitely the vibe. And our lack of drug-doing prowess inspired the title of one of the EPs.

Everyone wrote songs and then steered their songs to completion, with everyone else chiming in with whatever they thought would make it better. Or they didn’t, and that was fine too. We wanted a music making process that worked at the speed of satisfaction, and once we were rolling our only satisfaction would be these songs, in the world-now. Whoever wanted to, played whatever instrument they felt like playing. Josh played roto toms on a few songs; Adam laid down a rad bass solo; Jen played the pan flute; etc… This band has never had big egos but what little there was went out the window. Any “stakes” were very consciously locked behind good times and hanging out.


PS: In 2015 you can’t get vinyl pressed in less than 6 months, so hello CDs (and mp3/streaming, of course)! It’s actually better this way…perfect, in fact. You should buy the CD, put it in your microwave for a few seconds, watch the pretty green flame, and then stream it. Further join in the modern excess drowning us all. It’s all good. Life is loss.


01. Jet Black, Starlit
02. Hey, You’re Mine
03. Bimbo
04. Follow Me (Only)
05. Jewelry Duty
06. Days & More Nights
07. Recognizing Patterns
08. Dedicate Your Love To Silence, Talk About The Loss (Sentimental Ghosts)
09. I Can’t Live Without Your Love