“Stuck in Melodies” by Andrew Keoghan

“Stuck in Melodies” is featured on the kiwi’s first U.S-released L.P Every Orchid Offering. The song points to a groove-based, percussion-heavy album combining a pop sensibility with R&B, electronic and orchestral elements.

Predominantly written during a two-month period of isolation on a stormy, black sand beach in his homeland, it’s a collection of 10 songs that seek to make sense of a peripatetic existence between New Zealand and New York, where Keoghan relocated in 2013. In many ways it’s a series of vignettes and short stories, some autobiographical, others imagined, but always very personal.

While recording began in earnest in New Zealand, New York’s grip is evident, with Keoghan drawing inspiration from the city’s iconic new wave scene of the late 1970’s, Brooklyn hip hop and the textural beauty of minimalist composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

The album features duets with Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins) and Chelsea Nikkel (Princess Chelsea), along with contributions from some of Keoghan’s other New Zealand cohorts from The Ruby Suns, Phoenix Foundation, and Lawrence Arabia.


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