Stuart Murdoch shares “God Help The Girl”

God Help The Girl is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian. It was produced by,

God Help The Girl is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian.  It was produced by Barry Mendel and stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray. God Help The Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has been announced for a September 2ndrelease date on Milan Records, while the film will be released theatrically and On Demand on September 5thfrom Amplify. In the UK, the film is being released August 16th via Metrodome, with the soundtrack to follow onAugust 18th.

Today  the title track “God Help The Girl” which was recently recorded by Belle & Sebastian and sung by Emily Browning. The soundtrack features three new songs by Murdoch that are sung by the cast: “Pretty When the Wind Blows,” “I Dumped You First,” and the little ditty “I’m Not Rich.” All of the other songs have been re-recorded and/or remixed with performances by the cast, with the exception of “Dress Up In You,” from Belle & Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit. Half of the songs were recorded live during the making of the movie with different musicians than the originals. There is dialogue and score interspersed throughout the soundtrack too, all intended to create an impressionistic audio version of the film.

Murdoch aspired to tell the story of “a better summer, or at least a summer when something happened. It happened to a boy and a girl and a girl in a city roughly the same size and population of Glasgow. Perhaps the canals were a bit grimier, the high-rise buildings taller, the streets emptier when you needed them to be, and the beat clubs busier than the ones around here. But on the whole the city was this one.”

The music takes center stage and many songs resemble in their musical aspect the other work of Stuart Murdoch and Belle and Sebastian. The film was shot, edited, scored and mixed in Glasgow and is released theatrically and On Demand by Amplify.

(pictured from left to right: Olly Alexander, Emily Browning, Hannah Murray)

God Help the Girl
God Help the Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Out September 2nd on Milan Records

I Suppose That Was A Prayer
Act Of The Apostle
I Dumped You First
Pretty When The Wind Blows
I Know I Have To Eat
God Help The Girl
The Psychiatrist Is In
The God Of Music
If You Could Speak
The Catwalk Of The Dukes
Perfection As A Hipster
Fuck This Shit
Pretty Eve In The Tub
A Loving Kind Of Boy
What Do You Want This Band To Sound Like
Come Monday Night
Collective Idiocy
I’m Not Rich
I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie
Stalinist Russia
Baby’s Just Waiting
Partick Whistle
Musician Please Take Heed
I Just Want Your Jeans
The World’s Last Cassette
Down And Dusky Blonde
Dress Up In You

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