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More than anything, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (aka Aly Spaltro) has 20,000 second-hand DVDs to thank for her first album. Despite being recorded at a proper studio in her recently adopted home of Brooklyn, Ripely Pine showcases songs conceived during her tenure at Bart’s & Greg’s DVD Explosion in Brunswick, Maine. Little did customers know, the same store they’d drop off their Transformers movies was providing inspiration for future musical recordings

During those nightly creative spells after working her shift, Spaltro’s music brought raw expressions of her lyrical thoughts. Anger, confusion, love, happiness, and sadness reigned, and the songs ran rampant, with little form or structure. Isolated for those many hours, this is how she taught herself to write music and sing. She had only two outlets for giving out her music: Bart & Greg’s and a record store next door, so she gave herself a band name. She would arrange her CDs on the counters of these two shops as free offerings, and seeing how she was often the employee at the register, didn’t tell people it was her music.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s debut album, Ripely Pine, is out February 19th on Ba Da Bing! Records.


01. Hair to the Ferris Wheel

02. Aubergine

03. Florence Berlin

04. Bird Balloons

05. Regarding Ascending The Stairs

06. You Are The Apple

07. Mezzanine

08. Little Brother

09. Crane Your Neck

10. Rootop

11. The Nothing Part II

12. Taxidermist Taxidermist

Upcoming Shows:

Mon. Nov. 19 – Asheville, NC @ Asheville Music Hall *

Tue. Nov. 20 – Nashville, TN @ High Watt *

Fri. Nov. 23 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West *

Tue. Dec. 4 – Portland, ME @ Space Gallery *

Wed. Dec. 5 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall *

Thu. Dec. 6 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground *

Fri. Dec. 7 – Binghamton, NY @ Binghamton U

* with Kaki King

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