Stream The EP In Its Entirety Here Courtesy of Interview Magazine

Los Angeles songstresses Stone Darling are pleased to announce the release of their self-titled EP, available now and streaming in its entirety exclusively at Interview Magazine. Check it out here.

After months of recording with friends for trade, Stone Darling felt compelled to offer payment other than cupcakes and booze (mostly booze) and decided give the creative funding platform Kickstarter a try. “We thought we’d raise like $30, and were excited to get even that much!” Says bassist Mikki Itzigsohn. Much to their surprise the girls exceeded their $6,000 goal and were able to produce their first self-titled EP. In the all- female quartet’s echoing arrangements and folky girl-group harmonies there’s a natural ease that suggests Phil Spector should have worked in Nashville. “But I also like acknowledging that punk rock happened,” says Paige Stark, the band’s lead singer and songwriter. “In these songs there’s this classic California country style put through the filter of our childhoods and what we’ve experienced in our culture.”

Besides their shared love for “dive-y” health food stores and cross-country road trips with clean bathrooms, Stone Darling pulls influence from the Nineties grunge rock, movies and mini-malls on which they were raised. Their interests and activities growing up, meanwhile, varied through jazz trios, choir groups, and musical theater. But the band’s largest influences still lie in ’50s and ’60s pop masters and outlaws of country and western, singing of breakups and heartaches without salvation in sight. And as such, Stark’s lyrics are straight and honest.

After a chance run-in at the Hollywood YMCA parking lot, Stark recruited childhood friend and choir partner Lindsay Dawn to sing harmonies, and soon drummer Liv Marsico and bassist Mikki Itzigsohn filled out the band. Since, the group has built a dedicated following through Los Angeles, with a couple 7″ singles released and a summer residency at the iconic club Satellite (formerly Spaceland) in Silver Lake under its belt.

“Punk rock happened, and Nirvana happened,” says Stark.
“And Linda Ronstadt happened,” adds Dawn.
“We aren’t interested in going back in time,” continues Marsico, “but we hope to build on what has come before us and create something both new and familiar.”

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