Still Woozy Releases New Single “Rocky”

Still Woozy returns today with his new single “Rocky.”
Still Woozy "Rocky"

Still Woozy returns today with a surreal single, “Rocky.” The Portland-based artist born Sven Gamsky unspools an escapist fantasia, dreaming of better days. The single, which is the first from Still Woozy’s forthcoming debut album, arrives alongside a video trippy and colorful enough to match the subject matter. “Rocky” is out today via Still Woozy Productions/Interscope Records.

Melancholy and anxiety lurk around the corners of “Rocky.” But he doesn’t dwell on the darkness—he offers a solution. “I just…I just dream,” he sings in the song’s stuttered refrain, pitching a nighttime reverie as a way of floating above the mundane problems of life. Buoyed by a featherlight synth line and the golden haze of Gamsky’s voice, it’s a tempting proposition. Who couldn’t use a break from a tumultuous world?

The video for “Rocky” was directed by Woozy and Palmer Morse. Mundane tasks like watering plants and brushing teeth are intercut with kaleidoscopic performance shots that take place in a heavenly otherworld, which Gamsky steps into through a normal door in his house. It’s full of his winning personality—Gamsky mugs gleefully as he knocks over a chess board or washes his hair—but also meaningful. There’s magic hiding in these everyday moments, as long as you can dream.

Still Woozy released a pair of misty singles “BS” and “Window,” in 2020. These followed his 2019 debut EP, ​Lately, which introduced the world to his emotional yet textured tracks. Blending acoustic sounds with delirious dabs of electronics, the EP showed off Gamsky’s love for deftly psychedelic arrangements—​his songs melt and swirl like crayons on a sidewalk in the summer. As Still Woozy prepares his debut album, he’s stayed busy. In recent months, he’s shared a jazzy, mellow cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and a live performance of “Window” live from his jacuzzi.