“Still Here” Kllo

Australian cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam. AKA: Kllo, release their new album, Maybe We Could, on July 17th on Ghostly International, and shares its lead single, “Still Here,” with an accompanying video.

Following the release of their debut LP Backwater, followed by two years of touring, and a near-breakup, Kaul and Lam both took time away from Kllo to make solo work. The experiences served as a reset, giving them space to learn separately, and, ultimately, to appreciate what they have together. Largely written and recorded upon their return, Maybe We Could signals a new start for Kllo.

“In the past, we’ve tried to speed things up and push away from that…but now we’re sitting where it feels comfortable to us. Comfortable but also daring, because we know it’s not as polished in certain ways.” Kaul expands, “We’re doing us, we’re doing Kllo. We’re a bit older now. We aren’t compromising as much on this album. It’s a little bit classier and more tasteful this time around.”

Sav adds: “I wanted the video to be a poetic depiction of two people staying in a relationship beyond its logical end. I explored the interplay between love, obsession, imagined futures, lived pasts and the insanity that can be found in between. In our relationships, especially without good definitions around what love really means to us, we find the edges of freedom and responsibility blurring.”

Maybe We Could

1. Cursed
2. Still Here
3. Insomnia
4. My Gemini
5. Somehow
6. Maybe We Could
7. Ironhand
8. Up
9. A Mirror
10. Just Checking In