Stereolab’s Tim Gane releases new single

Stereolab's Tim Gane shares new Cavern Of Anti-Matter single - "Tardis Cymbals"

Stereolab co-founder Tim Gane has linked up with former Stereolab drummer Joe Dillworth and synth wizard Holger Zapf for a new trio named Cavern Of Anti-Matter, who are prepping their debut album, void beats / invocation trex, to be released February 19th on Duophonic via 3LP, CD and Digitally.

The LP includes features from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner, and Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom.

This is the proper debut album for Cavern Of Anti-Matter, who have only released a handful of limited edition vinyl EPs and 12″s prior to this LP, on labels Grautag, Deep Distance, Peripheral Conserve and Associated Electronic Recordings.

Tim Gane has this to say of the group,

“Cavern Of Anti-Matter are spectrum addicts, setting up tiny rhythmic cells and expanding on them in certain ways, splitting the melody and stretching out. The melodic movement is much slower due to the lack of words. At the moment, the Cavern sound is more what I want to do.”

Track Listing –

1. tardis cymbals
2. blowing my nose under close observation
3. insect fear
4. melody in high feedback tones
5. hi-hats bring the hiss
6. liquid gate
7. pantechnicon
8. black glass action
9. planetary folklore
10. echolalia
11. void beat
12. zone null


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