“State” By Laura Stevenson

"State" By Laura Stevenson is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The song is off her self-titled LP, out August 6 on Don Giovanni Records
Laura Stevenson photo by Rachel Brennecke

Laura Stevenson releases her self-titled LP on August 6 via Don Giovanni Records (From the excitement and tribulations of giving birth to her first child during the COVID-19 pandemic to the powerful rage born from a turbulent situation in which someone she loves was harmed and nearly killed. The full-length was produced by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Hop Along, Dinosaur Jr.), and features longtime collaborator and bandmate Jeff Rosenstock on guitar. While it is often emotionally heavy, Laura Stevenson never strays from its true motivating force: love.

From Laura Stevenson:

“The album was written as a sort of purge and a prayer,” Stevenson says. When it finally came time to record, she was pregnant with her first child. “It was a very intense experience to re-live all of the events of the previous year, while tracking these songs, with my daughter growing inside me, reliving all of that fear and pain and just wanting to protect her from the world that much more. It made me very raw.”

Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson
Don Giovanni Records

1. State
2. Don’t Think About Me
3. Moving Cars
4. Continental Divide
5. Wretch
6. Sky Blue, Bad News
7. Mary
8. Sandstorm
9. After Those Who Mean It
10. Children’s National Transfer

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