Starwalker (Air and Bang Gang) new track

Starwalker featuring members JB Dunckel of Air and Bardi Johannsson from Bang Gang have shared "Everybody's Got Their Own Way"

French electro-pop artist Jean-Benoit Dunckel [Air, Tomorrow’s World, Darkel] and Icelandic composer Barði Jóhannsson [Bang Gang, Lady & Bird] have been making music as Starwalker since 2014, today the duo has shared the details of their forthcoming full-length. The self-titled LP will be available on April 1st via Prototyp Recording & Bang ehf via Sena ehf.

last year, Starwalker premiered the the track “Le President”, and today they share the album’s first single “Everybody’s Got Their Own Way.”

While Dunckel and Johannsson are well known for prior endeavors, Starwalker is by no means just a side project – it is the coming-together of two musicians, creating the music they wanted to make, outside of their other projects. The album intermingles cinematic expanse, intergalactic instrumentations.

Previously released single “Blue Hawaii” paints a chilled portrait of pastels in brushstrokes of breathy vocals and synths. “Radio” incorporates a light dose of seventies swing into a dreamy soundscape, while “Demeter” bounces from a complex drum pattern into an enigmatic and emotional refrain.

Blue Hawaii
Losers Can Win
Everybody’s Got Their Own Way
Come And Stay
Get Me
Le President
Bad Weather